How To Cut Plywood Without Splintering

What’s plywood? How is it made? How are you going to lower it to dimension with out it splintering? This text will offer you precious recommendations on the right way to lower plywood to the right dimension and with out splintering in probably the most environment friendly, and efficient method doable.

Plywood is a quite common materials utilized in dwelling building. It’s manufactured from many, skinny layers of hardwood or softwood that are glued collectively at a proper angle. The positioning of the appropriate angles permits for an elevated power to the wooden. Most traditional sized plywood sheets are available 4-by-8-foot sheets. Slicing these sheets to dimension with a desk noticed may be tough as a result of they’re floppy and awkward. Additionally, when cross-cutting a panel, the underside layer of veneer is prone to chip alongside the slicing line. There are methods to make slicing the sheets simpler, extra exact, and with minimal splintering.

One of many best methods to stop splintering is to make use of a noticed made particularly for slicing plywood. These blades may have plenty of enamel (usually 80), that are floor in a sample that creates a shearing, clear lower. Bear in mind, if the blade has sawdust or pitch crusted on it, make sure you clear it earlier than slicing the plywood.

To start, you’ll lay the great facet of the plywood down on a secure floor. It is crucial to take appropriate measurements earlier than slicing. Because the outdated saying goes, it is higher to measure twice and lower solely as soon as. Go forward and measure the size and width dimensions of the sheet you may be slicing and mark the measurements on the perimeters with a pencil. Seize your helpful chalk line and snap a line between these two factors to make sure a transparent slicing information in your noticed.

Subsequent you’ll prolong the facet of the sheet a number of inches over the sting of your work floor to keep away from slicing the desk. Put a 2-by-4 which is longer than your plywood sheet down on the sheet ensuring to line up one fringe of the 2-by-4 so that it’s going to reinforce the oblong information of the noticed in opposition to it. Now clamp the 2-by-4 to the sheet with desk clamps which can enable the 2-by-4 to be your slicing information.

One of the best ways to stop the Snap on veneers from splintering is to attain the slicing line with the noticed blade. Your first move with the noticed might be a shallow lower, which can rating the road, forging a groove earlier than making the ultimate move. Now you’ll make a second full-depth lower alongside the road together with your noticed, permitting the surplus plywood sheet to fall on the bottom.

One different methodology to maintain the veneer from chipping or splintering from the underside is to make use of a backer board. It’s a piece of plywood that you simply place beneath your slicing piece when making the lower. It will enable the veneer to be supported and the plywood to be cleanly lower.

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